Healthier food. Healthier people. Healthier planet.

Let us explain

The eco-efficient protein

Fish is one of the most resource-efficient protein sources available to humankind

An Anatomical Advantage

The unique anatomy of a fish makes it one of the most resource efficient animals on the planet. 1.1kg of feed produces 1kg of meat

Fresh Water

Farm-raising fish requires virtually no fresh water. Other animal proteins require thousands of liters to produce one serving


Seafood delivers minerals, essential trace elements, and fat-soluble vitamins. It’s also the main source of Omega-3 fatty acids

The oceans need a break

Fishing technology helped humans become such skillful fishermen that we nearly emptied the oceans. Now, we must become expert fish farmers instead

The Answer to

Wild fish stocks are shrinking, with 53% of the ocean is fully exploited, with another 32% over-exploited

Protecting Entire

Over-fishing depletes breeding populations beyond recovery, creating a domino effect on all living organisms in the ecosystem

Leaving Small
Fishermen Behind

Over-fishing disproportionately impacts small fishery operations who rely on wild catch

The world needs more seafood

The demand for seafood is expected to double by the year 2030. Responsible farm-raised fish can create secure food systems around the world

Three X Faster

Demand for protein will grow three times faster than the population due to the expanding middle class

Three Out of Seven

Three out of seven people worldwide rely on seafood as their primary source of protein

Aquaculture Rising

In 2014, aquaculture surpassed fisheries as the main source of fish for human consumption

So, why aquaculture? 

Because aquaculture gives us healthy, tasty food without compromising the planet.